Also known as the Sacred Cat of Burma, the Birman is often confused with the Burmese breed, which is an error. They are recognisable by their deep blue eyes and are of a medium size. They originated from Burma and have a similar coat and coat color to that of the Siamese cat. However, the Birman tends to be a bit stockier than its oriental cat cousins. The breed became recognized in the 1960s in both Europe and America. These cats are popular as family pets and as show cats.


Like most cats, the Birman is both intelligent and highly sociable. They are not demanding of too much attention but prefer to spend their time with their owners either playing or cuddling up on a sofa. They enjoy being petted and groomed even for a cat. This cat has a friendly demeanour and bonds well with its family. With socialization, the Birman will get on well with small children and other domestic pets. These cats can be quite territorial but should show no aggression. They tend to attach themselves to one particular person in the household, preferring to spend time with them over anyone else. The Birman makes a good apartment cat and is quite happy being an indoor cat too.

  • Build (Male / Female)

    Male: 12 pounds (5-6kg)

    Female: 12 pounds (5-6kg)

  • Life Expectancy

    9-13 years on average

  • Litter Size

    6 kittens

  • Grooming

    The Birman's coat is relatively easy to groom. Simply brush the coat and comb the coat once a week to keep it free of knots and help prevent too much shedding. Grooming the cat will also discourage hairballs.

  • Recognition