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British Shorthair

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is an old breed of cat that is believed to have descended from the cats that Romans brought to Britain which then interbred with native wild cats. They were later bred with Persian cats which gave them the thicker coat that they have today. The coat is dense, thick and plush. These cats are muscular, agile and highly athletic, like most cats tend to be. They have large, round and widely set eyes that are often copper or gold.


The British Shorthairs are perfect cats for those living in apartments and for those who are out of the house a lot. These cats do not demand a lot of attention and are quite happy on their own lying around all day. This is definitely an easy going and laid back breed of cat. Despite all that, the British Shorthair is very capable of showing off a considerable amount of energy and it loves to play. This breed is also highly intelligent and is often trained to perform tricks and to obey commands. British Shorthairs are not vocal cats but will meow from time to time when they "communicate" with their owners. These cats do best with people and other animals that have a similar personality.

  • Build (Male / Female)

    Male 10-17 pounds (5-8 kg)

    Female 10-15 pounds (5-7 kg)

  • Life Expectancy

    The British Shorthair can live from 14 to 20 years

  • Litter Size

    5 kittens

  • Grooming

    British Shorthairs do not require a lot of grooming and take care of much of their overall coat maintenance themselves. However, brushing them once a week will help to keep the coat clear of knots and will discourage hairballs.

  • Recognition