The Burmese cat is a breed of domesticated cat that is split into two variations: the American Burmese and the British Burmese. Most modern Burmese cats are descendants of one female cat called Wong Man, who was brought from Burma to the United States of America in 1930. This cat should not be confused with the Birman (Sacred Cat of Burma). The Burmese is an athletic cat, both muscular and agile. The coat of the Burmese cat used to be only brown but now comes in a variety of colors. British Burmese cats have a more oriental look than the American Burmese, which is thicker and stockier.


Burmese cats are thought of as quite mischievous cats. They are especially playful as kittens, but they stay playful throughout their lives. They have a very high activity level and love being around people. Even compared to other cats the Burmese is thought to be highly intelligent and is able to be taught tricks and commands. They are loving and affectionate towards their owners and are just as comfortable being a lap cat, despite its high energy levels, if their owner is not particularly active. With socialization, the Burmese bonds well with small children, other dogs and even strangers.

  • Build (Male / Female)

    Male: 12 pounds (5-6kg)

    Female: 8-12 pounds (3-6kg)

  • Life Expectancy

    15 years

  • Litter Size

    5 or 6 kittens on average.

  • Grooming

    Burmese cats don't require much grooming, but owners should brush or comb the fur once a week to keep it in the best condition. If groomed from a young age, the cat will learn to love being brushed or combed.

  • Recognition