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Domestic Shorthair Mix

Domestic Shorthair/Mix

The Domestic Shorthair/Mix is a cat that comes in a great many shapes, sizes and colors, that does not belong to a recognised breed. These cats can be big, small, white, black, tabby striped or tortoiseshell patched. The Domestic Shorthair far outnumbers its Longhaired cousin by approximately 10 to one. The size, shape and coat of these cats depends very much on the climate and breeding history, which is incredibly diverse. This huge diversity often results in Domestic Shorthair/Mix cats that look like pedigreed cats. However, they should not be thought of as such.


The Domestic Shorthair/Mix is an independent breed of cat and highly intelligent. Despite its independent nature, the breed does show plenty of affection to those people it loves the most. These cats are playful and curious and will often be found climbing up to the highest points in any given room. Like many cats, the Domestic Shorthair/Mix can act with a certain arrogance. Other than these traits, that are common to most cats, it is difficult to decipher the temperament of the Domestic Shorthair/Mix. There is so much variation because it is not a specific cat breed. These cats need to be socialized to bond with small children and other pets.

  • Build (Male / Female)

    Varies According to Breed

    Varies According to Breed

  • Life Expectancy

    Varies According to Breed

  • Litter Size

    Varies According to Breed

  • Grooming

    To keep the coat in great condition and help to discourage hairballs, owners should try to brush the DSH/Mix at least once a week.

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