The Havana, also known as Havana Brown and the Swiss Mountain cat is a recognized breed of cat that is well known and popular worldwide. This breed supposedly gets its name because the coat color is very similar to that of Havana cigars. The head of the Havana is slightly longer than it is wide and the nose should have a distinct stop at the eyes. It is a medium sized cat, muscular, with a short-haired coat. Male Havana Browns are larger than the females. The breeding program of pedigreed cats such as the Havana Brown suffered enormously during the World War I and World War II eras. It was not until the early 1950s that the breed was restored.


Like most cats, the Havana Brown is an intelligent cat that curiously uses its paws to examine objects instead of its nose. It is a trait that is rather unique to this breed. They are gentle and affectionate animals that are highly people-oriented and very loyal towards their human owners. They crave human companionship and love to return any affectionate gestures. Playful all their lives, the Havana Brown is a cat with a very happy and laid-back attitude. They are not particularly vocal but do like to communicate with their owners from time to time. With socialization, the Havana Brown becomes an excellent family pet.

  • Build (Male / Female)

    Male: 8-12 pounds (4-6kg)

    Female: 8 pounds (4kg)

  • Life Expectancy

    8-13 years on average

  • Litter Size

    The Havana Brown usually has litters of 5-6 kittens

  • Grooming

    The coat of the Havana Brown is short to medium in length. This coat will therefore require a weekly or bi-weekly brushing and combing to keep it in the best condition and keep it free from knots.

  • Recognition