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Silver Persians

Silver Persian/Chinchilla/Sterling

In the United States of America attempts were made to establish the Silver Persian as a separate breed. This new breed would be called the Sterling, however, it was not accepted. Similar to this attempted new breed is the Chinchilla cat. This cat is a silver or golden long-haired cat recognized by the CFA and grouped with the Persian cat. The Chinchilla Longhair has a longer nose than the Persian does, which provides a few health benefits. Other than a slight change in appearance, there is little to distinguish between the two breeds and both are quite popular today as pets and for showing.


The Persian and Chinchilla breeds are quiet cats. They are very homely and are well suited to apartment life. They are also suited to being entirely indoor cats. They crave human attention and will lovingly follow their owners from room to room and cuddle with them whenever they can. Even though these cats are thought of as rather placid, they are still fond of playing and can display sudden bursts of energy out of nowhere. The Persian and Chinchilla cats are very sociable and warm to strangers quite quickly.

  • Build (Male / Female)

    Male: 12 pounds (5-6kg)

    Female: 8-12 pounds (3-6kg)

  • Life Expectancy

    Average life expectancy is similar to the Persian, 8-11 years

  • Litter Size

    3-5 kittens per litter

  • Grooming

    Owners should brush and comb the cat on a daily basis, especially when it is moulting.

  • Recognition