The Maltese is a small and hardy dog with white, silky hair. They were bred to be companion dogs and are descendants of dogs that originated in the Central Mediterranean area. The name is believed to have derived from the island of Malta. This is an ancient breed of dog with the oldest record of the Maltese having been found on a Greek amphora that dates back to 500B.C. References to the dog can also be found in Ancient Greek and Roman literature. The dog is recognisable not only by its coat but by its round, black eyes.


Maltese dogs are very cuddly, friendly and full of affection for their master and family. They need attention and can suffer from separation anxiety if neglected. These little dogs are full of energy and are very playful. Socialization is required for this dog to bond well with children and other dogs as it can be quite snappish when in their company. Highly intelligent, it should be relatively easy to train the Maltese. This breed is quite vocal and wary of strangers, making it a good watchdog. However, if unchecked, the constant yapping can become quite a problem.

  • Height, Weight

    Height: Dogs 8-10 inches (21-25cm) Bitches 8-9 inches (20-23cm)

    Weight: Dogs 6-9 pounds (3-4kg) Bitches 6-9 pounds (3-4kg)

  • Health Problems

    The Maltese dog can suffer from eye, skin and respiratory issues. They can also be prone to having weak digestive systems which can cause difficulties when feeding them. Maltese dogs do not do well in cold or damp weather.

  • Living Conditions

    Being active indoors and fine without a yard or garden, the Maltese is a great dog for apartment life.

  • Exercise

    Despite being small, the Maltese is full of energy and needs a daily walk. They love to play, which will take care of a lot of their exercise needs and also enjoy running around off-lease. They require plenty of attention and stay playful all their lives.

  • Life Expectancy

    About 15 or more years on average, however, they can live up to 18 years.

  • Litter Size

    3 puppies on average.

  • Grooming

    Combing and brushing the long coat on a daily basis is a must. The coat is very soft so a gentle hand is required. The eyes need to be cleaned on a daily basis also and the hair around the face after meals. This is a high maintenance dog in this respect.

  • Group

    Gun Dog, AKC Toy

  • Recognition


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