The Poodle can trace its heritage back to either France or Germany around the 1400s. It is unclear exactly where the Poodle originated from, but the modern day Poodle evolved into its present state in France. The standard sized Poodle is the oldest of the breeds. They were bred as water retrieving dogs and hunting companions. Today they are kept as pets. All three versions of the breed have the same curly or corded coat and dark, oval eyes. They also share the long, straight muzzle. It seems the only major difference in appearance between the different versions is their size.


The Poodle is a highly intelligent dog, with only the Border Collie though to be more intelligent. The Poodle is therefore easy to train and learns tasks very quickly. Very friendly and people-oriented, the Poodle is eager to please and bonds very strongly to its owner and family. Although all Poodles are good with children and show no aggression, the standard size of Poodle is thought to be the best for families with children. Poodles love to play and need the attention of their owner often. If neglected, the Poodle will make its own fun which could lead to destructive behaviour.

  • Height, Weight

    Height (standard): Dogs 15+ inches (38+cm) Bitches 15+ inches (38+cm) (miniature): Dogs 11-15 inches (28-38cm) Bitches 11-15 inches (toy): Dogs 10 inches (26cm) Bitches 10 inches (26 cm)

    Weight (standard): Dogs 45-70 pounds (20-32kg) Bitches 45-60 pounds (20-27kg) (miniature): Dogs 15-17 pounds (7-8kg) Bitches 15-17 pounds (toy): Dogs 6-9 pounds (3-4kg) Bitches 6-9 pounds (3-4kg)

  • Health Problems

    Prone to eye problems such as cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy. Allergies and skin conditions are common amongst all Poodles, as is hip dysplasia. Ear infections are also quite common. 

  • Living Conditions

    Poodles are okay in apartments, if sufficiently exercised, but are better suited to larger households with yards or a garden in which to run around. They are relatively inactive when indoors. 

  • Exercise

    Poodles are very active dogs with a lot of energy. They need regular daily exercise. A long and brisk walk is the minimum amount of exercise this dog should get every day. Poodles enjoy swimming and running around off-leash but are not very demanding about this.

  • Life Expectancy

    About 12-15 or more years. Poodles in the miniature and toy category tend to live at least 15 years.

  • Litter Size

    The average litter size is 7 for a standard sized Poodle. For miniature and toy Poodles this number is usually around 3 or 4. 

  • Grooming

    The style you wish to clip your Poodle in will determine how much maintenance is required in keeping the coat in top condition. If not intended for show, the Poodle will still need to be brushed and combed on a regular basis. A cleaning of the ears and teeth is needed more often than other breeds. Poodles should be taken to a professional groomer every six weeks or so.

  • Group

    Gun Dog, AKC Non-Sporting

  • Recognition


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