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The ancestors of the modern day Rottweiler breed go back as far the Roman Empire, where they were used as guard dogs to protect livestock. The Rottweiler has been used throughout history as a guard dog, mainly to protect livestock. The breed has also been used as a war dog and gained prominence in that role during the first World War. The Rottweiler, despite its history and negative publicity, is not a naturally aggressive dog. The Rottweiler has a muscular and powerful body with a broad head. The muzzle is well-developed and the jaw is fiercely strong. The tail is customarily docked and the ears are triangular and carried forward.


The Rottweiler is a highly intelligent dog and is relatively easy to train. The breed can show signs of stubbornness and can be rather dominant in nature which means they require firmness and consistency throughout early life from a calm handler. Highly protective of their owners and territory, and wary of strangers, the Rottweiler makes a fantastic guard dog. They are affectionate towards their family and are good with children, once socialized, making them good family pets. Happiest when they have a job to do, Rottweilers need plenty of attention and both physical and mental stimulation to stop them becoming destructive.

  • Height, Weight

    Height: Dogs 24-27 inches (61-69cm) Bitches 22-25 inches (56-63cm)

    Weight: Dogs 95-130 pounds (43-59kg) Bitches 85-115 pounds (38-52kg)

  • Health Problems

    The Rottweiler is prone to hip dysplasia and to entropion. This breed can also suffer from heart diseases, bloat and various cancers.

  • Living Conditions

    Relatively inactive indoors, the Rottweiler is best suited to larger households that include at least a small yard. They can live in apartments if exercised enough.

  • Exercise

    Highly energetic, the Rottweiler needs plenty of exercise. These dogs are very well behaved off leash and will stay with their master. Going for a lengthy daily walk is the minimum amount of exercise this dog should get. There is no limit to how much exercise you can give this dog as it is incredibly hardy and thrives on activity.

  • Life Expectancy

    About 10-12 years.

  • Litter Size

    Rottweilers often have very large litters of around 10-12 puppies.

  • Grooming

    The short-to-medium-haired coat of the Rottweiler is very easy to maintain. It requires minimum brushing and bathing and will shed only a small amount. Brushing it once a week and giving it an occasional wipe down will keep it in top condition.

  • Group

    Mastiff, AKC Working

  • Recognition


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