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Siberian Huskies

Siberian Husky

Bred as a working dog, the Siberian Husky was employed and bred by the Chukchi of North-Eastern Asia to pull heavy loads long distances in the freezing cold. They were later imported into Alaska and Canada to be used as sled dogs but have now become popular as family pets. These dogs are strong and compact with great stamina. They are quite fox-like in appearance and have a distinctive and thick double coat of fur that can withstand extreme temperatures as low as -60 degrees Celsius. Many Huskies also have vivid blue eyes, which many find to be an attractive quality.


While the Husky is intelligent, it is also thought of as having a mind of its own. It can be a challenge to train, but the task should not be a difficult one. Consistency and patience are key to successfully training this dog. The Husky is affectionate towards its owner and even towards most people and loves to play. The Husky needs attention from its master and should always be given sufficient mental and physical stimulation on a daily basis.  If a Husky is neglected it can become destructive. Although Huskies are quite vocal, they tend to howl rather than bark. Like many breeds, the Husky needs socialization from a young age to bond well with children and other pets and dogs.

  • Height, Weight

    Height: Dogs 21-24 inches (53-61cm) Bitches 20-22 inches (51-56cm)

    Weight: Dogs 45-60 pounds (21-27kg) Bitches 35-50 pounds (16-23kg)

  • Health Problems

    The Husky is prone to hip dysplasia, ectopy and eye issues such as juvenile cataracts. They can also suffer from PRA, corneal dystrophy and crystalline corneal opacities. Generally this dog is very healthy and hardy and is susceptibility to illness is very low.

  • Living Conditions

    Huskies are not recommended for apartment living, but it is possible to keep them in one if they are very well exercised and trained. They are very active dogs so prefer larger households with a yard or garden to run around in. They prefer to live in packs, and dislike the heat.

  • Exercise

    Huskies need a fair amount of exercise. This should include a long, brisk walk every day. Playing games such as fetch will also keep the Husky happy. They can become destructive without  sufficient exercise and attention. Huskies should not be over exercised in the heat. They should be kept on a leash unless they are in a well fenced and safe area.

  • Life Expectancy

    About 12-15 years.

  • Litter Size

    Siberian Huskies usually have around 6 puppies. Large litters are not common but can occur.

  • Grooming

    The coat is relatively easy to take care of. A weekly brush and combing should keep it in great condition. The coat sheds quite heavily twice a year. During that time the Husky should be brushed and combed more often.

  • Group

    Northern, AKC Working

  • Recognition


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