Spaniels are a breed of gun dog that are believed to have originated from Spain. Their name is thought to have come from the word Hispania, meaning Spain. They were bred to excel at flushing game out of the dense brush and are equally adept in the water as they are on land. Some of the more famous breeds of Spaniel are the American and English Cocker Spaniels and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Today the dogs are popular as family pets and range in size.


Spaniels tend to be quite intelligent dogs with an eagerness to please because of their working dog past. This makes the Spaniel easy to train  Some of the lap dog Spaniels may have reduced intelligence. These lap dog Spaniels are less willing to learn but can still be trained by an owner with a firm, but gentle hand. Spaniels tend to be very good with children and other dogs, although they should also be socialized from a young age. Affectionate and loving towards its master and family, the Spaniel makes an excellent companion and family dog.

  • Height, Weight

    Typically, the Spaniel is of a small to medium build.

    The weight varies from breed to breed.

  • Health Problems

    Usually a hardy breed, the Spaniel's health problems can vary greatly from breed to breed.

  • Living Conditions

    Spaniels do okay in apartments if they are sufficiently exercised. The smaller Spaniels are great in apartments and active indoors without the need for a yard. Some of the larger breeds do better in larger households with at least a small yard.

  • Exercise

    Spaniels enjoy as much exercise as their owners can give them. They need to be taken on long and brisk walks on a daily basis. They also enjoy time off-leash and love to play fetching and catching games with their owners.

  • Life Expectancy

    Spaniels can live up to 14 years or more

  • Litter Size

    Varies depending on breed

  • Grooming

    The short-haired Spaniels need little grooming. A weekly brushing will suffice. Those Spaniels with medium to long length hair need more grooming and should be brushed or combed several times a week. These dogs should only be bathed when necessary.

  • Group

    Gun Dog, AKC Sporting

  • Recognition