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Basset Hounds

Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is a short, long-eared dog with an elongated body. The head of the Hound is large and well proportioned and its brown eyes are slightly sunken with a sad look to them. The Bassets originated in France in the 1500s and was bred as a hunting dog. They look to be a mixture of three other breeds; a Foxhound, a Bloodhound and a Dachshund. The Basset is noted for its excellent sense of smell and is considered to be second only to the Bloodhound in that regard.


Bassets are known to have a mind of their own which can make them quite difficult to train. An owner will need a certain amount of determination and perseverance to get the most out of the Basset Hound. This breed is also noted as being a particularly friendly breed, making them excellent dogs to have in the family and around children. It is thought that the Basset Hound will "forget" its training when not rewarded, adding to the difficulties one might experience when training this dog. Bassets are also known to be vocal dogs. When off-leash, this breed must be monitored as they can ignore recalls if they pick up a good scent.

  • Height, Weight

    Height: Dogs 12-15 inches (30-38cm) Bitches 11-14 inches (28-36cm)

    Weight: Dogs 50-65 pounds (23-29kg) Bitches 45-60 pounds (20-27kg)

  • Health Problems

    Overeating can cause the Basset Hound major back related problems due to the extra weight it is carrying. They are prone to many bone and joint disorders, mainly shoulder and foreleg lameness. They can suffer from ear infections as well and are prone to bloat.

  • Living Conditions

    Basset Hounds are very active inside and will do okay in apartments if sufficiently exercised. They will play outside for hours, so they do best in larger households with small, fenced in, yards or gardens.

  • Exercise

    Despite having relatively low energy levels, compared to the more active breeds, the Basset Hound does require plenty of exercise and should be taken on daily walks. They enjoy being off-leash, but their instinct to follow a scent once picked up can lead it astray. They need to be monitored often when in parks or open public areas.

  • Life Expectancy

    About 10-12 years

  • Litter Size

    Average of 8 puppies. Large litters are quite common, some as high as 15 puppies.

  • Grooming

    Little grooming is required for the Basset Hound due to its short-haired and smooth coat. Combing and brushing the coat once a week with a firm bristle brush should keep it in top condition. Owners should check the ears regularly for infections and keep the claws trimmed.

  • Group

    Hound, AKC Hound

  • Recognition